What can the most unusual task Manager?

I’m a fan of diaries for the recording of deeds. What I have not tried — and compact Moleskine to make quick notes, and large A4 format for planning my day almost to the minute. But repeatedly returned to the fact that this approach has no flexibility and any intelligence: I can’t quickly see how effectively they do their job, are paid attention to, not too overload myself and so on.

The decision came soon — we all switched to advanced task Manager. There you can see how many tasks were executed in the week to evaluate the effectiveness of the current day compared to the previous, even “karma” is a special rating, which in General does not give anything but feelings of rivalry with colleagues. To work thing is really good, but I needed more.

Thumbing through Google Play and sorted a few dozen task managers for reviews, stumbled upon the application with the speaker called Improve My Life. Surprisingly, unlike other similar programs, here I have not met the window, “let’s add your first task!”. Instead, the application proposed to construct my circle of life based on satisfaction in a particular area. It turned out that I’m most satisfied with relationships with family, but with spirituality, the brightness of life and self-improvement there are clear failures.

Why all this? When adding a new task, you must always specify the segment to which it relates, the degree of its importance, urgency and other parameters. Based on these data later, you can see how many tasks were executed in a particular segment. I’ve noticed that most of my records relate to the sector “Security” in many other categories during the week there is not a single task! Not because I didn’t made — they, it appears, is not time in my life.

There is another point. Once I perform many tasks in the sector “Security”, why it occupies such a small part in my life circle? This is because I am not working hard enough for it, and understand it helps the learner an artificial intelligence that analyzes the behavior, habits and helps you achieve goals and results. I, for instance, AI has proposed to increase the number of worker tasks, saying that if the relationship you’re okay, isn’t it time to work as it should? Still, the task management method “Getting Things Done” really much more effective. The achievement of the goals is encouraged through a system of virtual rewards, in addition, there is the opportunity to share your successes with friends.

Special attention deserves the Eisenhower Matrix. This is one of the methods of time management to prioritize matters of the day. Looks like the matrix as four quadrants, which are obtained by the intersection of the axes of “Important — Unimportant” horizontally and “Urgent — not Urgent” vertically. Thanks to her, after 2-3 days I realized that a completely bad time. First, I have absolutely there are no unimportant tasks (which is wrong). Even the most trivial thing “to give the documents” is for me important. In addition, no matter urgent or not — I always give him top priority. Similar to the situation to “sit on several chairs at once”. While it is difficult to get over himself, but I’ll try to learn how to filter tasks.

This is probably one of the most unusual and effective task Manager, which I had to use it, and for 10 years of their work, believe me, I have met some. Improve My Life distributed free of charge for iOS and Android: paid functions implemented by the web version and voice assistant “Alice”. Plus there is support for all major languages — from Russian and English to Portuguese and even Chinese!

I will definitely continue to use this app, and recommend you to try, especially for free. The download link will leave below.

Application: Improve My Life
Category: Work
Version: 4.4 or later
Price: Free
Link: Download

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