What can people do for the sake of the smartphone today

In recent years, increasingly raised the issue of dependence from smartphones. Gambling addiction is already recognized disease, and companies like Apple, Google and Facebook are making efforts to ensure that we can monitor the operation time of the screen of your smartphone. But the smartphone is really important to the Millennials. Studies show that even too important.

Our colleagues from Business Insider has conducted a survey and found that many smartphone users are ready to abandon the most necessary things, just to keep the possibility to use your gadget. The survey involved people aged 18 to 34 years. They were asked to give up something for a week, or to abandon the use of their smartphone for the same period.

41 percent of participants were ready to give up showering for a week, provided that they will have the ability to use your smartphone. These people were willing to neglect hygiene, but retain the ability to check email, instant messengers and social networks.

54 percent were willing to give up watching movies and television, and 28 percent agreed not to see your pet during the week. 23% are willing to exchange smartphone on caffeine, and 17 percent are prepared to change toothbrush.

In fairness, the modern smartphone provides so many features that you can refuse a lot. But to neglect your own hygiene may not be worth it.

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