What can advanced version of Google Assistant for Pixel 4

Despite the fact that Google Pixel running the stock version of Android, Google still tries to provide a number of unique capabilities that are not available anymore on any other machine. For a long time one of them was the Google Camera app, which allows pixel smartphones to make stunning quality pictures largely due to the advanced SOFTWARE. However, this year the developers of the company decided not to be limited to photos and video, focusing more on the convenience of management.

Google Assistant on Pixel 4

To simplify the interaction with the Pixel 4, Google has added to its firmware advanced voice assistant. Unlike regular Google Assistant, pixel version not only has a different design, but also a number of functional properties that are not available to everyone else. For example, when calling assistant 4 Pixel on the screen is not obstructed by the card with the duplication request, and to indicate activation at the bottom with multi-colored illumination.

How does Google Assistant in Pixel 4

Looks like the updated Google Assistant

Was also radically redesigned the system multitasking. In other words, Google now Assistant on Pixel 4 allows you to continue the conversation with him indefinitely. However, this can be not only an abstract discussion, but a lot of successive commands, linked only indirectly. So now, asking the assistant about the weather in Moscow, you will endlessly ask again “and Peter,” “and in Sao Paulo”, “and Cancun”, and to each of these questions he will answer correctly, keeping in mind that we are talking about the weather.

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In addition, Google Assistant learned how to interact more effectively with applications. So if someone asks you a question, for example, about the time of your departure, you will be able to clarify the answer from Google Assistant and ask him to send this information to the interlocutor. At first glance, this feature may seem useless, but in practice, it can greatly simplify the use of standard and third-party software.

Offline mode in Google Assistant

Well, of course, it is worth mentioning the possibility to work without Network connectivity. Even in the absence of Google link Assistant will still be able to perform certain tasks, facilitating the interaction with the regular functions of the smartphone. For example, it is possible to turn on airplane mode, launch the flashlight or to perform any other auxiliary actions to which the assistant will take less than a second, because in his memory already has all of these objectives and for their implementation it is not required to connect to the server.

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It seems that there is nothing supernatural in the described functions, and it is indeed the case. Therefore, limiting their work only branded smartphone, Google, obviously, simply want to fill their price. In the end, infinitely to leave due to the quality of your pictures and videos cannot and need regularly to give users something new. And all at once realize that Google Assistant is, in General, a very handy thing. The main thing is to get a smartphone, which reveals its full potential.

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