What Bluetooth can bring to the grave Huawei

The main infopovod the last few days — the trade war between Huawei and the USA. A lot has been said on this subject and even people who are not too interested in the news of the mobile industry have heard of suffering from the state governments one of the world’s tech giants. Despite the fact that there was a lot of talk about the consequences of what Google, ARM, Qualcomm, SD card Association, wifi Alliance, the American operators and the USB-IF don’t work with Huawei, one important company has so far remained aloof from all discussions: Bluetooth SIG.

For those of you who may not know, the Bluetooth SIG is a non — profit Corporation with headquarters in Washington state, which has all the rights to its proprietary wireless technology with closed source. No one can create a product with Bluetooth without the blessing of the BT SIG, but the company also requires that each product that uses this technology, it was a mandatory certification program. The problem is that the BT SIG will almost certainly not be able to certify any one of the products of Huawei in the future due to a recent presidential decree.

A smartphone without Bluetooth may not seem like the worst thing in the world, but I would say that this may be the last straw for the smartphone business from Huawei, which are already under threat of extinction. A smartphone without Bluetooth can not connect to wireless headsets or speakers. It may not be connected to the onboard system in the vehicle. It cannot be used with countless accessories, smart home devices, fitness trackers or smart watches. Think about it: Huawei will not be able to create a phone that will work with its own smart watch, and indeed with any smart watch. A smartphone without Bluetooth — even very cheap — not just bad, it is fundamentally uncompetitive. It is by definition a stillborn product.

Of course, Huawei might try to carry out reverse-engineering Bluetooth technology or use the technology without a license in China, where she would enjoy relative immunity from legal attacks by the Bluetooth SIG, but in almost any other country in the world, this strategy is unlikely to work — injunctions are issued, and smartphones will immediately be illegal to sell. In truth, this could result in the complete destruction of the smartphone business from Huawei, which would not be desirable, probably, no. The Bluetooth SIG has rarely had to go so far as to sue the licensee, but one of those occurred last year, when the company Chrysler was caught trying to avoid paying licensing fees. This trial is still ongoing.

Suffice it to say that the Bluetooth SIG holds all the cards. No competing technology exists, and there is every reason to believe that Huawei will not be able to certify the smart phone (or watch, or laptops, or tablets) in the future. Unique position of the Bluetooth SIG as a non-governmental organization, through which must pass almost every smartphone on the planet, makes it even more important for business Huawei, than Google. Huawei can continue to produce smartphones without apps and services Google — in any case, users will find a way to bypass this restriction by downloading the required apps from third-party sources. But the phone without Bluetooth it’s not something that can be so easy to get around.

One of the most inefficient solution would be to encourage users to buy a special Bluetooth transmitters, but such devices are not very many on the market and they are installed in connectors 3.5 mm headphone, from which smartphones are increasingly refusing. But Huawei wouldn’t be able to create such a device, because it would have to rely on the demand for such products at sales on the secondary market.

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