What are the trading applications that you need?

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We’ve changed our style of trading too much on the past ten years. With the development of the internet and start using it on a broader scale, it became possible to invest in stocks, commodities and easier it is. The growing number of traders via mobile phone applications over the past ten years with the advent of smart phones, which is a great way to start to trade and make it more easily through the following applications.

MetaTrader 4

This area is considered of the most popular trading platforms in the world, where by powerful, easy-to-use for download. Since their emergence in 2005, has maintained its popularity in spite of the launch of MetaTrader 5 later. You can now download MetaTrader 4 For Mobile, which allows you to control your account from anywhere and anytime. Available the Metatrader 4 platform in Equiti for iOS devices and Android and Windows.

Stock Market Simulator

It is always better for new traders wanting to invest stocks and bonds, trading on trading before entering in real market and risk capital. . Allows an application Stock Market Simulator users to invest virtual money and run a similar version of the stock market without risking any real money.

Yahoo! Finance

Not surprisingly لتطبيقYahoo! Finance it has become the application necessary to keep abreast of the latest economic events. Fast query notifications and ease of use of user interface makes the traders abreast of the markets with ease. It is designed to provide a customized experience for the user and it is possible to synchronize prices and accounts from different devices.


Acorns is another application great investment for beginners. You can connect the app with your bank account and tracking your expenses daily, with rounded purchases up to the nearest whole number. After it is sent the amount retained to the account of the Acorns of your investment and it can be used manually or automatically to create a portfolio of stocks and bonds based on the questionnaire you answer when you set up the account.

The application of the economic calendar

Think economic calendar is very important for traders to create a trading plan a successful build on the important financial events to come. You can use one of the apps economic calendar to schedule important events as they happen and activate the development mode on your mobile phone to remind the event.

There are many useful applications. Any of them you use regularly?

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What are the trading applications that you need?

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