What are the Google Apps Go? And its usefulness to users?

Always category The minimum is the most prevalent in everything, even in the smart phone market, they are the most prevalent and straightforward, the weakness of purchasing power around the world, that’s why Google thought of the solution, and find him by herself and in collaboration with different companies, and after smartphones, here we are providing the appropriate applications for this category.

ما هي تطبيقات جوجل Go ؟ وما فائدتها للمستخدمين ؟

What are the Google Apps Go? And its usefulness to users?

Why the need to apply the light?

Are applications Google has provided to those who have their phones with technical specifications low or low, such as memory random size of 2 or 1 GB with storage capacity of 8 GB at least, and the products of the category minimum, which does not provide high performance.

That’s why Google launched project Android One, and then about his later to project Android Go, a project reserved for phones with low category, the beginning of the Android ad hoc to run those phones, where many companies will launch phones in this project, you can learn the details through our article: coming soon – the launch of Android phones very cheap price thanks to the Android system Go !

For this Google has launched the Google Apps Go !

Inflicted Google system Android The Go, the range of applications of the same name, so that any application from Google accompanied by the name of Go, means that custom category drop earrings of phones, that the software to become the light in terms of volume, consumption data, and thus the possibility to run it.

This is a list of Google Apps from this series (by clicking on the name of the app you can download):

  • Files Go ( file manager, Google)
  • Gmail Go ( email from Google)
  • Google Go ( Smart Search Engine)
  • YouTube Go ( Youtube platform)
  • Google Maps Go ( Google Maps)
  • Google Assistant is Go ( Google )

Now, all you need if you have a phone with the technical specifications is low, that you download this version, which guarantees you the desired performance without the need for large capacity and consumption data are many, which is the best option provided by Google.

If you are a developer and publish your apps via the news app to reach for a large segment of Arab users to reason across the following mail: info@arabapps.org will your app soon in the list of News Apps if level befitting the user.

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