What are the factors that determine the speed of the internet that I need to?

Tests online to measure the rate of transfer of data from the global network to your devices and vice versa. Expect this type of service in many places online. But a tool to measure the speed of the internet Our there are a lot of properties not only for measuring speed. Through a series of questions, we will guide you to the rates of data consumption in your home appliances based on this information we will count the requirements that will be needed already. Maybe the speed is higher or lower than that you get a realistic which will give you an idea of how to achieve a balance between speed and cost, because he doesn’t want anyone to pay a lot of money for services not needed by the actual. These factors will guide you to the optimum speed that you need:

  • The number of users

You must keep in mind the number of people using the internet in your home and the number of devices that they use at the same time. This is the primary factor when determining internet speed calculated when the maximum run possible. Should we measure this speed in the time that you use the internet heavily until the measurement is suitable for the harshest operating conditions, so provide you with speed that will make you enjoy using seamless.

  • Quality use

Some of the activities online using your rates more rapidly than others such as video playback high quality. Keep in mind when measuring your speed the way you use the speed of the internet and how to provide rates of speed extra convenient ways to use your growing.

  • Video playback

  • Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube
  • Lower quality: 1.5 mb
  • Quality Standard: 3 MB
  • High quality HD 1080p: 5 MB
  • High quality 4K: 25 MB
  • Play music

  • High quality: 2 MB
  • Run games

  • 2-10 Mbytes
  • Video calls

  • Quality standard: 0.5 mb
  • High quality: 1.5 mb
  • Download large files
  • Slow: 5 MB
  • Quick: 50 MB
  • Browse email

  • 0.5-5 MB
  • Methods of consumption

Probably watching the match with high quality while having children some games online or watching movies via Netflix or talks. Estimation of the appropriate speed to fit all these uses can be a complicated process. This is how you make a tool to measure the speed of the internet in determining the highest degree of use so you can choose the right service provider to bouquets online that fit your consumption.

  • Devices

Our homes today contain an abundance of devices that consume the internet in various forms including computers, smartphones and television screens, etc. You will need to mention all the devices that you use continuously in the area during the period of the highest consumption of internet, we will make this measurement based on these questions:

  • What is the maximum number of devices that use the internet in your home at the same time?
  • During the period of peak usage, as the number of devices that are running video at the same time?
  • As the number of devices that do download large files or torrent files to?
  • As the number of devices that run the games supported online?
  • As the number of devices that are browsing the internet and social networking sites and review the messages at one time?
  • As the number of devices that perform calls to the video?

We will use these data and process the figures so we can determine the appropriate speed and to recommend the type of service provider in your area which offers you the internet speed that you need. You will need to provide the area code in which you reside, because the service providers are wearing their services according to the region you need to manage. So be one step away from getting the speed of the internet and the rest appropriate to the age you specify.

  • You can save money after the measurement of the speed of the internet.

It might cost you up paying a lot of money in order to get the speed of the internet required. If the results of the speed tests are much higher than you need, you can also save money by switching to a package cost less at a lower speed. If it’s the internet’s own work, is regarded as measuring the speed of the internet is an important means to address your needs are realistic so as not to work due to poor internet speed.

  • How to test the speed of the internet?

You need to test drive the speed of the internet to a lot of factors that determine it, but the basic concepts are considered similar. So you can measure the speed of the internet, will the measurement tool converts a file or group of files will reflect the time required to complete the analysis. And also the speed of the file upload the same way but in reverse. The majority of tools to measure the speed of internet you need to know the rate of the beets as they relate to the server in any case.

Will the speed of the internet a little less than it is actually due to the different protocol of the internet. IP address or internet protocol is the set of processes that lead to the work of the network. Under these processes repeated, when you send a message via the internet your device will provide this process to a set of parts which allow the IP packet. So be sure that all these packages up to their correct positions and meet together accurately, the device you attach a group of paths and instructions which allow the protocol header.

The total of the data you send in addition to the data contained in the protocol header in each packet allows the load net. Therefore, you need the process of sending a message size of 10 MB campaign net less than this value. This means that the process of downloading a file size of 10 MB internet speed 10 MB, it will take more than 1 second because it will have to download the whole file to load the net, not the King solo. The extra time required to raise the files or improve it allows the protocol overhead of the protocol.

  • You affect protection programmes on the speed of the internet?

Programmes to measure the speed of internet to download some files illusion, if you discover these files with a program your protection and read on it’s the malicious files although it is not, will they block it by firewall or any other means. If this happens to you, try to lock the firewall for a few minutes until the completion of the measurement of the speed of the internet then you can run it after the completion of the process.

  • The basics of measuring the speed of the internet

Says the site needs to good understanding of the language and the speed of the internet will help you significantly in choosing the internet service is appropriate or when fixing any problem you may encounter in the software, network and other things that are possible to encounter. These tariffs can save you a lot of time and effort in solving the problems of the internet without hiring an expert.

Data transfer rate Data transfer rate is the speed at which you move digital information from one device to another. Is possible to define the transfer process online or via a direct connection between several devices. Internet speed is bit rate and the data transfer rate is basically a subsidiary of data transfer rate, but in general refers to data transmission speed. Is measured this on the unit of Mbps and could be the secret of a few Fitch calculated in kilobytes per second similarly measured high speed unit GB per second.
The speed of the internet Refers this expression to the digital information transmitted from one device to another. A range of digital information are the data packets that the device needs to complete the transfer process one. If the transfer of this group evenly, you will be data transfer rate and bitrate are equal. If the transfer rate deciding wobbling during the transport process, you will different from the data transfer rate based on the point at which the measurement was done when.
Data transfer rate connection This definition refers to the ability to transfer data words from the contact to the internet. Usually refers to the internet service provider to connection speed, data transfer rate and trend. And that’s why they always say that speed up to Up To a certain speed and at this speed if the connection is at full capacity.
Capacity production Is the amount of information transmitted from the internet connection or from any point data transfer in the through rate a certain time. This is similar to the value of the transfer rate of data but refers to data size and transfer speed.
The rate of delay Is the time it takes the signal to move between the internet connection and the nearest point to the server of the internet.
Beets Is the terminology which is required on the test signal transmitted from a website to an online server and vice versa.
The rate of beet Is the time it takes for the transition of the signal from the internet server and its return a unit of measure of the rate of delay.
  • Action is the unit of measurement basic digital information. Is the representation of these data on body codes binary such as zero and one.
  • Kbit = 1000 bit
  • Mbps = 1 million bits
  • GB = 1 billion bits
  • Byte

A byte is 8 bits, a unit of measurement typically used to calculate data rates. For example, you can see the service provider displays the service connection to the internet capacity of 25 MB for download with download 8 GB. This value is the download rate of data per second with a loading capacity monthly up to 8 GB.

  • KB = 1000 bytes
  • MB = 1 million bytes
  • GB = 1 billion bytes
  • The amount of data transmitted during the connection in a second you know precisely the speed of the internet connection. This speed is always displayed in the form of MB per second, but higher speeds make the unit of GB per second.

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