What are the factors that control the pricing of smart phones

ماهي العوامل التي تتحكم في تسعير الهواتف الذكية
What are the factors that control the pricing of the smartphones

What are the factors that control the pricing of the smartphones

  • Wrote : Ayman al-Abdullah

Moves in the price of smart phones several factors, including the factors directly and indirectly, is as a light guiding companies when making decisions about pricing, which varies according to the company, without a doubt.

In recent months prices of smart phones (leading) by a rate ranging from 20 – 25 %, while this increases maybe up to 100% in other countries due to the economic conditions of his own, for example what happened in Egypt after the decision of floating the pound in November 2016 .

This is an attempt to shed light on the factors determining the price of smart phones .

The first factors of the initiative :

The price of the ingredients

Without a doubt, come the prices of the components on the top of this list, we’re here to talk about the components of the phone, whether external or internal, where it is calculated this cost on the first item of the pricing .

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And depend price of smart phones on the size and prices of the following ingredients :

  • The exterior design of the phone (metal – glass – plastic)
  • The resolution of the camera background and foreground and the size of additions to existing applications by
  • The number of RAM (memory random) in the phone
  • Name and capabilities of the treatment provider by phone
  • The battery capacity
  • Techniques Extra the King by such as fingerprint and facial imprint
  • New additions in the applications (Teletext) that precedes other companies
  • Additional accessories found in the box of the phone

The value of the trade name

In the last period, the higher the importance value of the trade name of the company phone producers in the pricing of the phone itself, where the Group’s major companies themselves to not drop the price of phones leading from a certain level to keep the company’s commercial name.

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Second factors of the gas directly

Moving several direct consequences in the pricing of the phone, it is added to the total cost therefore to the value of the phone

  • Marketing campaigns and advertising
  • The cost of shipment of the phone to the state
  • Customs duties, taxes and charges
  • Percentage of satisfaction of clients of the company about the last phone made by the company and how successful numbers to his sales
  • The timing of asking the phone if it was synchronous with the period of holidays or occasions global

In the end we would like to note that the literature of the Law of supply and demand talk is other in one way or another in the pricing of the phones .

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