What are the advantages of apps YouTube five and the difference between them

Is YouTube is a video streaming service months in the world, given the extent and magnitude of the content of the article, has been making several applications for viewing and listening, where the allow these apps to explore the different types of video and music in different ways, and we will provide you today the advantages of each and the difference between them.

1) YouTube


This is a basic app that helps you choose the channels that you get, watching videos, writing comments, making playlists and watching the live broadcast of any person, and can also sign up for 13$ per month Premium account special removes ads and allows to play the music clips in the background without having to open the app all the time.

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2) YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

Says this app book most of the content inappropriate display of what is consistent with children only, where they can register more than one child on the same account with the blocking of channels and the ability to report on the sections of the gas decent faster with several features to protect parental.

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3) YouTube Music

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If you are a music lover mainly, you will find that this app is best for you, as it provides the experience of music streaming such as Spotify or Apple Music with the basic interface and the quality of the average of the various tracks

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4) YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio

This app comes basically makers the content, which allows the management of your channel in connection with the raising and dissemination of video content, allowing scans of various statistics of the rate of views and the number of participants to receive notifications about the various details on the sections that have been filed in advance.

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5) YouTube TV

YouTube TV

And finally we reach the latest YouTube apps which is different from the other kind because it does not display any YouTube videos in fact, it only serves to provide broadcast number of TV channels, different American, which require the involvement of its own, in addition to exclusive content from YouTube.

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