What are the 5G’s? Here’s everything you wanted to know

Expect the emergence of networks of the fifth generation in the United Arab Emirates through later than 2019, and will make their way to the rest of the region during the next five years.

There is considerable interest from users in the region with this technology and the opportunities provided by them, especially their impact not only on the design but is also includes business e-commerce and remote e-learning.

The definition of 5G

Is 5G networks the next generation of mobile internet connections, providing faster speeds and connections are more reliable on smart phones and other devices more than ever.

Combining the latest networking technologies and the latest research, you should make 5G connections with speed greater than current connections, with average download speed of up to 1 giga byte per second is expected to become law soon.

This network will assist to increase the energy in the technology of the Internet of things, providing the necessary infrastructure to carry vast amounts of data, allowing for a more intelligent and connected.

Is expected to launch 5G networks all over the world by the year 2020, with a well developed, by the year 2020, and along with 3G and 4G’s current to provide faster connections remain on the internet wherever you are.

What will 5G networks for individuals?

إنترنت الأشياء والحاجة إلى شبكات الجيل الخامس
The Internet of things and the need for fifth-generation networks

There are advantages offered by this technology for individual users as follows:

  • Speed of download and upload faster.
  • Smoother streaming of content over the internet.
  • Voice calls and video high quality.
  • Mobile connections more reliable.
  • A larger number of devices the Internet of Things IoT related.
  • The expansion of advanced technologies, including self-driving cars and smart cities.

This means a better browsing experience to users around the world which is positive and good for the users.

To what extent will the call fast?

It is still not known how much will be the speed of the fifth generation is faster than the fourth generation, where a lot of the technology is still under development.

However, you must provide the network an update to the great speed of download and upload current where the proposed GSMA minimum speed the Download about 1 GB per second.

Most estimates are that the average speed of 5G networks up to 10 GB / second, some believe that transfer rates of up to 800 GB per second.

This means that users can download movie with Full HD quality in a matter of seconds, and download and install software updates will be completed faster than today.

Would you buy 5G its way to smartphones?

تطور وسائل التواصل بين العديد من الأجهزة الإلكترونية والبشر بعد الوصول إلى شبكات الجيل الخامس
The development of means of communication between the many electronic devices and humans having access to the networks of the fifth generation

You may not be able to smart phones or tablet devices or other devices that are released when the 4G networks are the standard of the contact 5G to start with, or may incur additional costs to do so.

However, in the wake of the deadline to 2020 to get started in the initial, you should soon see devices that come with contact fifth generation 5G by default.

According to the latest news from home that put Apple first iPhone supports the networks of the fifth generation in 2020, while it is reported that Samsung will be so next year with the Galaxy Note 10.

Huawei is and many other companies, the Android will launch the fifth-generation phones next year, while the modern phones currently available do not support such technology.

Don’t worry, despite the fact that the fifth generation must represent a big step from the fourth generation networks 4G and 3G, the new technology will not solve immediately replace its predecessor at least not in the beginning.

Instead, it should be on the 5G link with existing networks to ensure no loss of users to connect to never, with the work of the network of old aid backup in areas that are not covered by the fifth generation of the new.

The so-called network “4.5 G” (also known as LTE-A) is tuned to fill the gap in the current time, which offers faster connections than the networks of the fourth generation 4G of the current, although only some countries like South Korea can take advantage of them right now.

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