What applications Google podcast in order to outperform the rivals

Launched Google has recently applied for the podcast, the basic characteristics and allows users to participate in their programs favorite audio and then download the episodes and listen to it via smart phones, app campaign in the folds of the features and characteristics of all, but the water is the most important in my view and in my experience, the first inquiry is in the interface of use and simplicity of design.

He became the subject of usability (or usability) of the important elements that you need to see a and set not to the initial application development or web design, we are living in the era of the “rush to digital”, if you will, we need to use the apps don’t make us have to use new every time.

As we mentioned that the app is easy to use and the interface is simple, but the simplicity may be no tax, she said, characteristics of the tasks, this is the case of the introduction of the Google podcast which offers a lot of features requested by the podcast today, and this explains his access to evaluate the total average, while there are other apps harder to use but it holds the high valuations, we have referred to this subject in a previous article.

In this article we will discover together the characteristics of the gas available in the application which is of interest by fans of the podcast, which is derived from personal experience and the reality of the requests of users who left their comments and assessments on the app in the app store (Google Play), and the form that Google will in the next versions of the application by adding more properties, but the challenge that remains in front of them is in the lack of development about the element of ease-of-use in exchange for increased characteristics, and that’s what we’ll know in the coming days.

1. Create playlists (Playlist)

Playlists are a useful way of listening continued to sound, without having to get out your phone from your pocket after all the loop finish heard, the plan allow for the continuation of the medium in accordance with the ranking and selection that you want, which you specify by adding loops to the existing ones and then run the list to include the episodes in succession, one after the other, this property of more characteristics requested by the users who wrote the reviews in the app page in Google Play.

2. Control applications audio and delete them

The problem to be able to download the audio loops but you cant delete them, of course you can delete them if you are able to discover the secret folder where the app with investigations, because this information is not available via the app, the possibility to delete episodes separately is not available (but can be deleted all at once), the only solution is to wait until automatic deletion to get rid of those loops and breathe a sigh of relief.

Isn’t easy to say the user touch audio solutions for a lengthy remain sub-menu containing on the order of deletion is? Yes, it’s very easy to apply, and we hope that in the next version of the app.

3. The possibility to change download folder

Some may believe they feature simple can be dispensed with in exchange for the properties of the most important, but I don’t think that this belief is coming from a fan of the podcast who can’t spend a day without listening to some episodes here or there, files -and I am one of them – consume a lot of storage space for the download loops audio by listening to it, and they mostly prefer to download new episodes in the external memory.

To solve the problem of storage, the application provides Google podcast feature of automatic deletion for audio after a certain length of loaded, where you can specify the duration of the episodes after listening to it (a day or a week or not to delete) can also determine the duration of the audio loops that have not completed listening to it (a month or 3 months or not to delete them).

4. Automatic conversion to relations

In apps podcast needs, the user can activate the feature (automatic conversion), for example, the app (Podcast Addict) of this property to activate at the application level as a whole or at the level of each individual program, for example, if you are a fan of one of the audio programs and you don’t want to miss any episode, can activate this feature on this software, and will download every new episode to be launched without any action from you.

Application Google does not provide this property, which is properties that reiterates its request by users inside the reviews in the App Store.

5. Rating audio programs and filter

The arrangement according to the classification of useful properties especially to the broad spectrum of audio programs, I like to have concerns the technical aspects of and participant in several programs audio related, I have another interest in entrepreneurship and some aspects of management, and participant in a number of programs in that area, and other programs that fill the interface of the app, but I have in the app a feature that allows me to display the programs based on rating, when the mood of my “technique” for content determines the classification “technical” when the mood “my work” I offer programs related to entrepreneurship only select from them what pleases me.

This property is useful to a wide range of programs that vary in multiple areas, it is available in some applications the competition and it is advisable to provide in the application to Google to become more professional and more adorable fan community podcast lovers.

6. Statistics listen

Of the characteristics of the Assembly-which may not be of great importance – is statistics listen provided by some applications (such as the application Podcast Addict), which may be useful for developing your English across the listening, where you say this feature displays the duration of the listen Total you made during today/yesterday/week/month/year, as it shows you the duration of listening for each voice program, in this Utility If you adhere to a specific time to listen every day if you prefer self-planning and optimization of time.

7. Change the template or theme

Someone knows in part evaluations and speaking “how to add a property to move the color of dark “situation of the night” would be great”, which is not the only one who requested this feature, but several people who tried the app have expressed their desire to add a feature to change the theme or the color and shape of the interface, or at least switch between white and black color.

8. Access via the web

Someone requested this feature, access to content across the web, to be able to create playlists and control the order or in the subscriptions and other functions, but through a special website accessible via the user’s account in Google and then check in those things simply.

9. Provisional

Is the feature available in some professional applications, so that allows you to specify the time to listen and then the automatic stop, which is useful for anyone who likes to listen before bedtime, in general is the use of playlists to listen to favorite apps and then run the temporary to be reached after half an hour or any period of time determined by the user.

10. Deficiencies in access routes to programmes audio

When you touch the icon add voice program (+sign) in the application (Podcast Addict) will show you 8 options for research and access to the program that you want, including adding a link to the feed solutions (RSS) that participate in programs, sound may not be as famous or still a new, but this property is not available in Google podcast, you are able to search for audio programs in one way only, did not find the program in the results you will not be able to add it manually via the link to feed your.

Finally …

In general the app is good, with the expected Google to add more features to it in the next version, maybe is to want to focus on the most important characteristics to keep the interface simple and experience easy-to-use, Generally we’ll know how this plays out in the coming days, who knows, he come back and be another article entitled: “for these reasons you should move to develop Google’s podcast“.

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