What and where can you buy with bitcoins right now

Bitcoin is primarily a currency that has great potential is free of boundaries of the monetary unit. It empowers those who cannot access Bank services, and gives people economic autonomy and freedom. It all sounds great, but which today have real opportunities to spend cryptocurrency? Let’s see.

Buy bitcoins, spend bitcoins

In the world, more and more people perceive Bitcoin as an investment tool and completely forget about what he may be tender. Representatives of the community, more concerned about how this will affect the adoption of cryptocurrency in the long term. Yes, his representatives believe in Codling — i.e. really perceive the Bitcoin as a tool for long — term investment but also I believe that cryptocurrencies will take in stores worldwide. So everyone tries to buy cryptocurrency, but to try to spend it.

If you look at retailers that now accept cryptocurrency, it is either a large retail chain, or those shops, which made a name for himself by working with bitcoins. Giant distribution network electronics Newegg, the retailer Overstock, CheapAir flights — they are all regulars list friendly to the crypt of the sellers. And that’s fine. On Overstock you really can buy almost anything from sofas to shoes and urns for ashes after cremation. But this is not the only retailer that allows you to pay for goods with bitcoins. There are at least six items that now you can spend your bitcoins.

The contents


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Summer, heat, cold glass of white wine at dusk — a perfect way to relax. Products brand De Wine Spot is supplied in most US States and offers a wide selection of wine, whiskey and spirits at different prices. And all of this can be paid by bitcoin. If you are looking for something more high-end, BTC Wine ships worldwide and, as you can guess from the name, they are also proud to accept BTC.

The lake house

If you want to drink this wine at sunset, it is much better to do it near the lake. And even better — in the courtyard of his house in France. And why not? It is also possible to buy cryptocurrency. 700 acres of land and a charming front door. The price is quite justified. Sold!

Tickets to Riga

There are many great reviews about Riga, which is fast becoming the new capital of hipsters, and complete with great coffee, live music and vintage flea markets. Official airline of Latvia, Air Baltic accepts payment in bitcoin, which greatly simplifies access to air travel for cryptoendoliths. Even if you fly right now, you still have time to enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Just be ready for a protracted rains.

BitPay among payment methods on the website of Air Baltic. Source: Airbaltic.com


The Lush Cosmetics Website. Source: Lush.com

Guarantee that the special cosmetics for beard from Lush you obviously like it. In addition, the products of this brand are eco-friendly. But the main advantage here is that they accept payment in bitcoins directly on the website branch in the UK.


Smell good — that’s good. Collection of natural deodorants and other personal hygiene Schmidts’ allows you to achieve this. Including using cryptocurrency.


The names of some models of Atheist Shoes are puzzling. But no one can deny that they are beautiful. This boots? Or bowling shoes? They should be worn every day or only on special occasions? Not sure that it is possible to give a definite answer, but it doesn’t really seem to matter. These leather shoes handmade are delivered worldwide.

Online shop Atheist. Source: atheist.shoes

You can buy them via the Internet and bitcoin.

Payment methods in online store Atheist. Source: atheist.shoes

The current rate of coins are there in our class ranking cryptocurrency shoppingand cryptodata millionaires get nice to talk to.

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