What after the overthrow of the “Huawei” company “Apple” of the Third World?

When you talk about the growth rate of smart phone companies often have a focus on three key markets: China, being the largest, and the United States of America, due to its impact and importance in terms of earnings, then come the rest of the world markets, such as Middle East markets, which became a point of conflict for each of Samsung, Huawei, and Apple.

After the Declaration of group of Huawei consumer business, the manufacturing giant smart phones in the world, about its superiority to the company ’Apple‘ in smartphone market during the third quarter of 2018, to determine that – for the first time – ranked second in the world in terms of volume of sales of smart phones increased by 15,8% of the total size of the market for phones worldwide, compared to 12,1% in favor of the company “Apple”.

Besides, the share of Huawei’s market share in the Middle East and Africa 21% thereby achieving a growth rate of 31.25% compared to the market share of the company during the month of December 2017, and succeeded in to come in the introduction of the smart phone manufacturers in Egypt and the occupation of the first rank in terms of sales volume also increased its market share in Egypt to 26%, and then Samsung by 24%.

The road is now clear for Huawei Ascend the throne of smart phones in the world during the next few months, as we find that all these achievements of the company in a short time became the indicator of serious in the sport world markets.

This success through the introduction of many smart phones that fit all categories of users and talk to them a series of Huawei’s Nova 3, which brighten up the awe-inspiring youth, where the weapon was supplied with two cameras front dual strictly 24-megapixel and 2-megapixel backed by artificial intelligence to provide the best smart solutions, which enhance the elements of natural beauty, which can intelligently recognize the surroundings in the scene to provide the selfies are amazing based on the capabilities of artificial intelligence, namely phones that are targeted at the correct price Average and above.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei’s success is not fortuitous or a coincidence, but based on the company’s ability in building a solid foundation for, and focus strongly on the areas of innovation that generate outstanding value for customers.

Objective is to Huawei about providing the best experiences for users, from being a global leader primarily focused on the customer and keep their needs.

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