What a gift for Christmas wants to get the most Twitter users? Nice response

17 Dec on the official account of the Central Bank of the UK, they tweeted a very interesting survey. Respondents were asked to indicate which Christmas gift they prefer — in Fiat or digital currency. According to the survey, the vast majority of people want to get the crypt, and not bills.

What to give for Christmas

Only you can choose four options — cash, Bank transfer, gift card or digital currency. At the time of writing the survey have already participated 8230, with 70 percent of them gave their preference to the crypt.

Second place in popularity took cash, even fewer respondents wish to receive a wire transfer. And only 2 percent would be happy with a gift card.

Source: Cointelegraph

Recall, last month a similar poll held former US Congressman Ron Paul. On Twitter he asked his followers, in what form they wish to receive $ 10,000. The question the Congressman was one catch — the money of the people should retain for ten years in the form in which he received them. 50 percent of respondents supported the Bitcoin, another 37 percent would like to have the gold.

In early November, chief analyst, eToro’s Mati Greenspan decided to see which cryptocurrency is the most favorite among the visitors of the trading platform. No, it’s not Bitcoin. 28 189 respondents gave their preference to Rippleand Bitcoin were only in second place with 31 percent of votes. The Ethereum does not find popularity, he was voted only 9 percent of the people.

Today Bitcoin is trading above the level of 4 thousand dollars. For this price, the coin balances for two days. Perhaps this is a sign of the beginning soon bullrun.

I wonder what will be the opinion of the Russian-speaking community?

To discuss the survey results in our cryptodata.


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