What a bummer: the Lightning Network, you cannot make transactions more expensive than the three cents

Edition Diar.co published a scathing article about Lightning Network, according to Bitcoinist. The media criticizes the maximum size of a transaction and points to an opaque situation with the nodes of the network.

Lightning Network is not a panacea

In its latest publication, the editors mention Diar LN some problems that relate to centralization. In their opinion, the distribution of the nodes in the network still remains unclear. The criticism is based around the fact that 10 of the largest node to hold more than half of the total turnover of the network.

The number of nodes in the Network Lightning increased by 8600%, and the turnover of transactions rose to 3,600 percent since the beginning of this year. If this is still unclear, whether to increase the concentration of funds among the largest of the GBR from further mass adoption of LN.

Now the largest nodes of the network possess some payment services, which started to accept transactions via the Lightning Network. Among them, including Bitrefill and Living Room of Satoshi. The Creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer believes this situation is a necessary step for achieving mass popularity of LN.

Criticism Diar.co rejects the engineer CasaHODL Jameson Lopp. According to him, maximum amount of transaction to Lightning Network is now limited to 250 $ as the network is still in beta stage.

The difficulty to make payments more hundreds of dollars – this is a system limitation for security of funds. If developers are confident in the reliability of the network, they can remove this restriction.

Despite the dramatic growth of channels Lightning Network, the success of large-value payments in the network tends to zero, assures Diar citing research on Reddit. In other words, in its current state LN can guarantee the success of transactions, the size of which does not exceed three cents. The media notes that the success of the “buy coffee” between the two nodes falls to 70 percent. For transactions worth more than 0.01 BTC (about $ 60 at current exchange rates) the success decreases to 0.1 percent.

Other experts justify the deficient LN the initial stages of testing. Developed by Ronald mannak cites the evidence of a relatively small turnover of the entire network.

Don’t forget that LN now has been estimated at 150 thousand dollars. The largest node has a volume of only 2.6 BTC, and the majority of nodes has only a tiny fraction of that cost. Not a bad start for a complex and zabagovannoy network.

There is a belief that Lightning can Network to focus on small payments. At the moment the network operates LN 2335 nod from 5133 channels. In addition to its traditional applications, the LN has several non-standard ways of using.

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