Whales here: the Fund has accumulated more Grayscale per cent of all bitcoins in circulation

Until someone sells their bitcoins and swears never to fall into this “Scam” that the big players use every opportunity to accumulate as many crypts in their pockets. According to the latest report of analysts Diar, the investment Fund Bitcoin Investment Trust Grayscale (GBTC) holds one percent of the total number of mined coins Bitcoin.

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Note that now in circulation is about 17.4 million BTC. In this case, the user Grayscale has managed to collect more than 200,000 BTC. At the moment the Fund is the record for the amount of accumulated crypts among all large investors.

Despite the long fall of the stock market, GBTC has been constantly increasing its position in the cryptocurrency. The company earns 2 per cent on the profits of their clients. In other words, it helps them to average the position of the lower value of Bitcoin.

Image source — Bitcoinist

Another reason why GBTC still afloat — the company sells digital assets with a 22 percent margin from their market prices. However, another indicator of the company financial status is very lame. The equity ratio GBTC fell to its lowest level in 2018. In fact, the total amount of assets the firm is only 826 million dollars.

In addition to Grayscale, and other institutional investors also increase their position in the cryptocurrency. Earlier, chief analyst at eToro’s Mati Greenspan reported on the growing popularity of Bitcoin among clients of the company.

The whales accumulate top 10 coin market. According to analysts, Diar, the big players keep buying each local drain Ethereum. On the wallets of whales already accumulated nearly 20 million ETH, that is, 20 percent of the total number of coins in circulation.

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