Western Digital offers storage units NVMe SSD the new fastest performance and the price starts from $ 55

Announced Western Digital for their versions of the new storage units NVMe SSD that comes to perform the high speed, with low price starts from $ 55.

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Come the new versions of the units the storage capacity of WD Blue SN500 NVMe SSD perform faster and low price competition in the markets, where the applicable unit storage capacity 500 GB new at half the performance of the 960 Evo in the writing and reading of data, but with a price as low as $ 78.

How come the new volumes perform three times faster than the issuance of company SATA SSD in read and write data, so prepare units and the storage capacity of the new ideal in the storage of 4K content is expected to spread further over the coming period, which will certainly require low-cost options in units of storage capacity.

On the other hand, offers the WD unit, the storage capacity of the new 250 is a byte at the low price of $ 55, except that the company did not officially confirm the date put the new versions in the market.

Recall that WD provides storage top in Black 3D NVMe up to 1 terabyte want faster up to 3470 MB per second, so I made this version during the past year at a price of $ 280.


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