Week mobile from “jumia”.. discounts and exclusive offers waiting for you.

After the successes of the past years, the site announced jumia Jumia e-learning starting a week jumia mobile in Egypt Mobile Week, during the period from 18 to 25 March, during a panel discussion organized by jumia today under the title: ” the future of the sector of mobile and the role of e-commerce”.

The importance of this event in the shadow of the growing proliferation of mobile devices have consumer bank, which reached the number of participants to more than 100 million subscribers, in addition to the players the major manufacturers of mobile with the entry of the factory in Egypt this board, all this was strong motivation to start the week jumia Mobile, which is the real platform to monitor the changing global and regional in the manufacture of mobile phones whether smart or traditional.

According to the press release, customers enjoy week mobile of exclusive offers and big discounts unprecedented through the organizations posed by the GOM in collaboration with corporate sponsors to week jumia mobile, and Samsung Samsung orange Orange AXA AXA share Xiaomi will be Sico and soda and safely.

He was the engineer Hisham safwat, CEO of jumia Egypt, expressed his happiness for the launch of Mobile Week to 2018, which is what prompted the police today to announce its launch for the fourth consecutive year, which is the detection of new types of smart phones accessories at competitive prices, pointing out that their main goal is to provide the best experience to the customer through their service outstanding and their exclusive, jumia is always on the cooperation with leading companies in all sectors with the aim of providing all that is new in the world of technology and communications.

Added safwat: “that, notwithstanding the high price of smart phones and traditional in Egypt, except that the figures and indicators emphasizes the increased uptake by users who are looking for phones of high caliber and competitive price, which passed jumia over the past years”.

He said: “it is the interest of the GOM to deliver products in the fastest possible time by the service, “jumia Express” Jumia Express, which is connected to all the purchase orders that are made before the third hour at noon in the governorates of Cairo, Giza, on the next business day for the process, a sign of multiple payment methods through the payment machines instant scattered throughout the Republic, and prepayment by credit card, payment on delivery or via credit card upon delivery which is the service which provided by gumi in the governorates of Cairo and Giza”.

The company has shed light on new models of mobile phones that are put up for the first time in the Egyptian market in collaboration with its partners, also addressed the evolution of the mobile industry in the market and future global trends for the industry and the behaviour of users and designers towards smart phones, especially with the actual operation of the services and technologies of 4G, which would help in the spread of smartphones and the recovery of the e-commerce market in Egypt.

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