Website of Motorola Brazil reveals a mistake about the specifications and photos of the phones Moto G7 full

Style area, which affected Motorola mobile phones Moto G7 which revealed the presence of 4 copies of the phone and all of them and some other specifications also during the financial period; in particular those obtained from the tracking data of the phone in the Federal Trade Commission and the FCC, here is today’s site of the company in Brazil reveals the full specifications and photos of the four phones on by mistake before the official launch where the company deleted it quick but that didn’t prevent the leak of such information.

The pictures show that the four phones contain the edges tight with the availability of extrusion in the middle of the screen top and the sky will be all by Android and eBay, as for to know its all from the G7 and G7 Power and G7 Play works processor Snapdragon 632 while the phone top specification which is the G7 Plus owns the processor Snapdragon 636 also have a higher specification camera one front accurately 12 megapixel cameras background of the two $ 15 mega pixels and 5 mega pixels.

While all have a battery with a capacity of 3000 Milli-amp only G7 Power with a huge battery with a capacity of 5000 Milli-amp, no information was available about the prices of different women phone through leaks, which means we have to wait for the official announcement of the company on 7 February to address them, we leave you with pictures :





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