Web version of WhatsApp is also supports playback of videos in the mode of ” Picture In Picture “


Lately, the WhatsApp support feature floating window or what is known as the ” Picture In Picture ” to develop its official WhatsApp with the knowledge that this water arrived first for WhatsApp on the iOS platform since a relatively long period. And now, here we are with a new report from the website WABetaInfo say that this feature made its way also to the web version of WhatsApp.

And for those who don’t know the role of this feature, it allows you to watch video clip or a link to a video on YouTube sent to you such as without having to leave the chat page. You can also get out of the current conversation and move to another conversation and continue to watch the video.

To be honest, the concept of ” Picture In Picture ” makes sense on smart phones, which are usually not good at multitasking compared to computers where you can split screen or open multiple windows on the same browser or use two monitors to display different content on each screen.


However, I still experience the arrival of this feature to the web version of WhatsApp well. However, it seems that this feature is still under test, and does not support all video sources. Website claims WABetaInfo that this feature only works with videos that have been shared cross-platform WhatsApp itself, but it seems that WhatsApp was testing the previous support video clips sent from Facebook enter YouTube and Streamable too, so there’s a chance that the supported sources of videos of this in the future.


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