Web version of Android Messages will be transferred to the association Google.com

Android Messages

In these days, have become our devices more connected and we got married. For example, when it comes to messages on Android Messages, you cannot access on your phone only, but can be done through the website Messages.Android.com on the web. However, it seems that the service Android Messages you’ll get a new home on the Google.com.

This according to The Associated template in the system, ChromeOS, which indicates that the company Google is planning to move the web interface of Android.com to Google.com this is the way hoped for by the company Google on what it looks like to change the brand for Android. Due to the many cases where it appears that Google avoid with the passage of time the use of the term ” Android“, and this is what can be as we have said previously the way that the plan by the company to use a different brand, perhaps be the brand covering the consolidation system. ChromeOS and Android.

There were rumors that Google is working on a new operating system carries the code name Fuschia OS, an operating system that mediates many of the people that will save my system, ChromeOS and Android with. Because the system ChromeOS has some of the features of Android and the ability to download and run Android apps, it might not be the idea of creating a unified operating system bad.

However, the movie is after the transfer service link messages Android Messages from the domain Android.com to Google.com. Regardless of the change in the link, it seems that the basic functions will be affected.


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