Wealthy Willy-nilly: crypto currency exchange accidentally sent the user a $ 35 million

Brazilian Kaikyo Nunez now probably prays to system bugs. Recently he sent a request for withdrawal of $ 128 with a Brazilian Bitcoinexchange Bitcambio, and she by mistake gave him 35,13 million dollar equivalent in Brazilian reais. Representatives Bitcambio immediately tried to contact Onecom, but he doesn’t really want to part with their new millions.Subsequently, the stock exchange managed to reverse the deal, but given its sheer volume needed to present to the local authorities written consent of the client.

As Nunez told local publication Portal do Bitcoin early last month, he filed a regular application for withdrawal. Some time later he got a call from Bitcambio and reported that the erroneously paid to a different amount. While he was asked to certify all the documents notarized.

Then I thought it was some kind of Scam.

At the time to call could anyone from the Scam, who tried to copy his signature to a dishonest employee of the exchange who wanted to seize easy money. But Bitcambio insisted on the need to cancel this procedure and over the situation with Onecom worked for several people.

They said that the transaction has been cancelled, but to complete the procedure they need to provide to the authorities a document with my signature, which was sent to me by e-mail.

Writes Bitcoin.com to clarify the situation on December 4 Nunez wrote on the website of the developer of the platform Bitcambio Rodrigo Souza. He confirmed the error and promised to Nunes compensation for your time and assistance in resolving the situation. Recall, the company Souza Blinktrade was developed for the exchange. Sousa also said that Bitcambio works within the law, and the error was solely due to a bug in the software. More data look at cryptodata.

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