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Us says Igor Voronov

Hello! Pages AppleInsider.ru often raised the topic of the mail-forwarders (these are services for an additional fee, deliver the goods from countries where there is no shipping to Russia), but it is mostly talking about shipping gadgets and one service. As in any other business, sometimes you have to look hard to find a better deal. So I did, when I wanted to order myself a new pair of sneakers from USA, and here my story work with mail forwarders.

Of course, if not much bother, buy sneakers no problem in Russia — went into any store, Adidas or Nike and chose the model that much. But my friends so praised Air Monarch Iv Cross Trainer from Nike that I was willing to pay for the shipping just to get these shoes (in Russia, they alas do not deliver or is very expensive). Found this model in the right color on Amazon and started looking for ways like with minimal cost to ship sneakers to Russia.

No, I did not follow the first link from Google, and decided to look for what stocks shipping offer a variety of services. Autumn is the season of sales, especially in the US, so the mail forwarders offer a variety of buns to orders was even more. And plus sneakers is that even with the box they rarely weigh more than one kilogram.

Appropriate action I found on the website “Mail.com” — until November 5, they just offer the service up to a kilogram for $ 11. Actually like I found a few similar services, but there the total amount of the shipping was not $ 15, as promised, and all 30-35 dollars. Well, no, guys, of course I want new sneakers, but 2 500 rubles for shipping seems excessive.

Registration took less than a minute, and then gave me the address in two us States — Pennsylvania and Delaware. Just a small life hack: if you order any products it is better to select an address in Pennsylvania (the main warehouse and is open every day).

Then things are even simpler — added sneakers to your cart on Amazon, chose shipping in the US, and then opened the window for entering addresses. Here everything is clear, you just need to copy lines from addresses, which were given in the appropriate fields. And give not only the street and house index, but also a phone number (to do all easily passed).

In my case Amazon gave three options for delivery of “Economy”, “Standard” and “Forwarding”. They were all free and on terms not very different, so I decided to choose standard shipping.

After shipping option is requested to pay for the goods. You can do this by card of any Bank (I paid by “Sberbank”), but there’s a small life hack. It is better to use a special currency card (or choose a dollar account in the Internet Bank if the card is multi-currency) — so you will not get a Commission from the Bank that “eats” upon conversion at an unfavorable rate.

After a couple of days I received an email notification from “Email.com”, which stated that the parcel arrived at the warehouse. Was surprised how quickly it worked Amazon and was immediately engaged in design delivery.

The delivery service chose the most simple — FastBox where you can get the parcel in one of the selected points of distribution. I thought, what’s the difference — going to the post office or collection point, if THP is on the next street. Moreover, it is the most quick and cheap method of delivery.

In the multilayer film decided not to pack (this is not the Apple Watch after all, and simple shoes), in the end only paid for the order ($3) and decided just in case to take out insurance — costs 5 bucks, but my heart will be calm, with sneakers if something happens, all compensate. Shipping (in the end we got 19 bucks) paid on the service’s website, adding to your balance by this amount with a Bank card, bypassing the Bank’s Commission.

Oh, almost forgot, still need to fill in the Declaration on the goods (need to clear customs), but if done according to the pattern given, the whole process takes a maximum of 5 minutes. If something is unclear you can always write in support.

Filled and began to wait..


Less than two weeks the mail came a letter stating that the parcel can be picked up, she arrived at the point of delivery. After a few hours the information was duplicated in SMS message from the service Boxberry, which is engaged in the delivery of orders in pvz. In the Moscow realities to allocate time for collecting the parcel was easy and the next day I went to the point of delivery.

Problems with the results did not arise — employees THP was asked only to verify passport data, ordering’ve already paid, and pretend to be anyone they can’t. I opened the wrapping film, and have realized that all good: box is not damaged, Nike logo. The main thing was to Amazon with sizes nakosyachili.

But everything went smoothly, the model is such that I ordered as size. Live sneakers was even better than the pictures. True, the book probably should have been earlier in Moscow is very cold here or it is necessary to walk carefully and to travel by car or make a purchase in the spring.

In General, the work “Mail.com” I’m satisfied because the service really good, no problems with delivery was not all fast and (most importantly) inexpensive. Probably going to wait for black Friday in the USA there are different sales and will buy something else. But the thing is will be already for the season. Or even freak out and iPhone XR take 🙂

And have you had experience in the delivery of goods from America? Let’s share the experience.

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