We may see an announcement from Nintendo for your Nintendo Switch linked to the virtual society soon


Do you care about the company Nintendo technology of virtual reality is? He confirmed the company in the past they are targeting this technology, there are even patents indicate that the Japanese company is already hosting this technology. In fact, there have been rumors in the past say that one of the reasons for the postponement of the launch of the Nintendo Switch is that the company Nintendo was trying to integrate virtual reality into the device.

Now according to a new report released recently from the website Nintendo World Report, it seems that the company Nintendo may eventually evolve to incorporate virtual reality technology in your Nintendo Switch. The report claimed that the company Nintendo may have plans to do a declaration linked to the default location this year, so there may be some First-party games that have been updated to support virtual reality.

It is not clear how this would work, and if a company Nintendo is planning to launch a helmet virtual reality. Explored the company’s virtual reality technology in the past with a Virtual Boy, so I won’t be this is the first attempt of the company. Was Nintendo had tried earlier to reduce the interest actually hypothetical, but if this report is accurate, it appears that their efforts have reached the stage of reaping the benefits.

It would be interesting to know whether attempts Nintendo in virtual reality will achieve success or not. I’ve tried the Sony with a helmet Playstation VR, we’ve also seen other companies like Facebook and HTC are trying to with helmet virtual reality Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but did not adopt any of them significantly so far.


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