We may see a smartphone geared to fans of games from the company Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

While most flagship smartphones come with a range of high-end specifications which are highly capable to run games, I have decided to company Razer to launch a smartphone specially targeted at gaming enthusiasts with the knowledge that this phone has a stretching frequency of 120Hz, the speakers sound excellent, etc. of other ingredients that enhance the playing experience on the device. However, can the concept of ” phone games ” to catch up?

This is what it looks like, at least according to the publication on the social network of Chinese Weibo by a company calling itself the name of ” Black Shark “. The page for this company on the Weibo has been ratified, according to their description, they are a subsidiary factory of smart phones belonging to Xiaomi, a company that is expected to oversee the development of the first existing phone for lovers of games to buy Xiaomi.

What does that mean? It seems that this means that users can look forward to a phone with a processor with graphics excellent and also cooling system advanced. While no doubt this is going to sound like a very strong, we don’t see a lot of developers who are developing mobile games that require this much processing power.

Because most of the developers are working using mobile devices that give them, compared to developing games for computers where you can mix and match the ingredients to reach the standards. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how it will look like this device, though it does still have to wait and see if he will like this phone at Mobile World Congress MWC 2018 or not.


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