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According to statistics, every second smartphone owner sooner or later becomes a case for your device. Someone buys the accessory at once, others start to think about it when you already have a phone with a broken display service. But in that and in other case the user is faced with a choice: cover “like everyone else” do not want, and to produce under an individual order is too expensive.

It seems the stores sold a lot of covers, but when you start to carefully choose rarely find what you really like (at the same time, you can spend a lot). To solve this problem, there are special online services for a selection of covers for every taste and color. One such Case Placeoffers such a variety of cases for Android smart phones (the iPhone, by the way, too) that go from his website, nothing choosing, simply impossible.

One of the features of Case Place — the service allows you to find cover as long out of sales of smartphones and the hottest new releases. Just look how much cases for Samsung can be found in this store. There are even smartphones that were sold 5-6 years ago! From the public sector to premium flagships. It should be noted and cases for Xiaomi — the range is really amazing.

But the main feature is perhaps the large choice of materials covers. In addition to the plastic covers where the image is applied by the method of 3D sublimation, the store has a flexible and colorful silicone cases with UV printing. It is noteworthy that all cases are handmade by master craftsmen shop in St. Petersburg.

Lovers of natural materials will appreciate the wooden cases made of bamboo with a soft, rubberized base. In this case, not just glued on the sticker — the image burned by the laser, whereby the obtained volume. Or is applied using UV printing.

Thought the creators of the service and practicality. There is, for example, covers, books made of eco-leather with responsibility for cash and Bank cards; with a magnetic closure, which is made in two versions — vertical and horizontal.

But the dream of every girl — silicone cases glitter. They feature bright liquid sequins that shimmer from one side to the other. Very beautiful, really “sticky” for a long time.

Apart from the fact that in http://case-place.ru there is a huge selection of ready-made slipcovers, the service provides a convenient and easy to use designer to create your own cover. You can, for example, to make a personalized accessory or applied to cover the photo — would make a great gift. In addition, the finished design templates very much.

Frankly, such a large store covers in Runet we’ve ever seen — even the two picky editorial staff found there accessory like (especially if buying multiple covers, you can grab a discount of up to 50 %). Most importantly, you can not only make a great gift for yourself or loved ones on any occasion, but also buy the really interesting case will get bored after a month and will not gather dust in the working table.

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