We analyze the legacy applications most use, but we love new games

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We are now mostly we analyze the applications that aged about 5 years, says the head of the technical section of the company Hulu, Mr. Eric Feng.

Age best 30 apps in the iTunes store the App Store on average 1853 days which means five years, compared to 625 days in the year 2014. This means that persons choose to download the app of the most established instead of modern applications. And of course, the application of the most established include Facebook and Instagram and Google Maps and Spotify and the like.

The story is the same on the Google Play Store, the average age of the 30 best app on the Google Play store of 4 years this year when he was 18 months only in the year 2014. However, this direction is reflected totally when it comes to games, we are 85 percent of the best games on the app stores mentioned above before its launch less than two years. Getting the cost of some mobile games, so you can income the app stores grow, despite the recent decline on the level of remittances.


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