Ways to get rid of duplicate contacts in Android

Many suffer from the problem of duplicate contacts in Android, you can probably find some names duplicate more than once, and in the case of sending a text message or when you connect we find ourselves in front of the dial is not what we like to call it, with all the different applications that try to access the list of your contacts, whether by mobile phone or any place else it will be easy to repeat the women’s names, and that’s why we’ll ways to get rid of duplicate contacts in Android

Through contacts Android

طرق التخلص من الأسماء المكررة في الأندرويد

The first place where the names are Contacts Android, the to erase these duplicate contacts from the Contacts application through:

  • Click on the name.
  • And then click on three points.
  • And then click Delete.

And some of the other versions is to get rid of duplicate contacts them through the pencil icon to “code editing”, and then delete the wastebasket.

It is possible to have multiple entries to a contact for the same person, one of them her email address and the other to the mobile number, in case the desire to merge them as one you have to follow the following:

  • Click the menu button, which is mostly what I have is three vertical lines or three points.
  • And then go to suggestions, and among them is choosing the “clean duplicates”.
  • It will merge contacts individually or merge all of the contacts.

It is worth noting that, in the case did not show you the options to clean the duplicates you won’t have any contacts need to profit, knowing that it’s hard through that property to merge your contacts, archives, accounts Google have.

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