Ways to extend the battery life of phones Galaxy S9 / S9+ here are the steps in detail

Many users of phones Samsung leading Galaxy S9 / S9+ twice the battery performance terms don’t allow using the phone for long periods, therefore we will give some solutions to increase the battery life explain in detail:

Screen resolution and brightness:

For in the power consumption better, the easiest way is to reduce the brightness of the screen or at least converted to auto, and reduce the time it takes to turn them off when not active.

You can activate these options under Settings in

  • Section screen in brightness / automatic brightness
  • Screen resolution (HD + less)
  • Screen timeout (15 seconds)

Turn off the auto-connect Wi-Fi networks :

Available in modern smartphones the option to activate the Wi-Fi connection once you arrive to the known network. It’s a very convenient feature, but they use battery power much greater than if you turn Wi-Fi on and off by yourself.

Power saving mode MED :

There are options directly within the phone to control the consumption of the battery and two MED and MAX, which you can activate it and save battery power.

The first will give you an extra two hours of usage without sacrificing many of the good features on the Samsung Galaxy S9. In order to activate this mode:

  • Use the internet background: activated
  • Always on the screen: cancel the activation
  • Speed limiter: has been deactivated.
  • Reduce brightness: -10% to
  • Screen resolution: FHD +

The situation is most economical and can lengthen battery life for 5 or 6 hours. The purpose of these settings is to increase the battery life for as long as possible at the expense of sacrificing all the jobs possible in order to activate this mode:

  • Use the internet background: has been deactivated.
  • Always on the screen: cancel the activation
  • Pacer: active
  • Reduce brightness: -10% to
  • Screen resolution: HD +

Restrict background data usage:

One of the things that you can’t be observed is the consumption of more energy through the transfer of data to 4G when the application connected to the internet in the background, there is a section dedicated to mobile data, where you can limit the data usage for each application.

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