Waymo is subject to the context of its self-driving tests in the rain, in anticipation of all the driving situations


Due to the fact that self-driving cars rely on things like cameras or sensors to read its surroundings, they won’t encounter any problems in driving on sunny days. But given that the days are not sunny always so that there will be some rainy days used, it would be a challenge for cars self-driving.

This is the reason why tests are very important, and that’s also why the company announced the Waymo it will begin testing self-driving cars in Florida in cases where the weather is rainy. According to the company Waymo, they are going to do this test to see how you’d handle the sensors and technology in general with the weather.

This includes sensors such as Lidar and Radar, cameras also. On this subject, stated the company Waymo by saying : ” heavy rains can lead to making a lot of noise for sensors of our own. Shots wet may also lead to some different results. The tests allow us to understand driving situations unique, and understanding how the impact of rainfall on the movement of our own cars better, too. “

Company will continue to Waymo put human drivers behind the wheel to take over the driving instead of the car when things go wrong. As a result of these challenges and other challenges that we discussed in many articles in the past, we believe that we will have to wait for a while before becoming the cars self-driving common on the road, but there is no doubt that all these tests lead to turning a dream to ride in self-driving cars a reality in the end.

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