Way to transfer files between devices via the technical usage of the Wi-Fi Direct

A variety of techniques supported by various electronic devices, desktop, and portable to enable us to run the sync to communicate and transfer files between them easily and quickly, as is the recognition of the long-standing Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi and NFC.

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What we’re gonna have here working on the implementation of the task of connecting devices, a computer, iPads and smartphones with via Wi-Fi network for you through its exploitation of the high speed to the Wi-Fi Direct and not to the end only, but you can live chat between you and all of them connected with you.

It needs to the necessity of having an app Feem part to its diverse for each product and setups. Where this program is available systems Windows and Android and Mac as well as to systems Linux. Days, you through this app and technique you can transfer files at very high speeds.

You first have to choose a work Wi-Fi on your laptop or computer to make sure its support Wi-Fi Direct and this reflected the presence of the Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter within the definitions of Wi-Fi or widget own.

Way to transfer files between devices via the technical usage of the Wi-Fi Direct

Choose that you’ll run Prompt commands CMD by clicking on the logo of the windows followed by a freely R and then write it to CMD.

Inside the inductor orders, you should write it the following and pressing Enter:
ipconfig /all

Must be here and I’m showing you the following description as in the picture this means supporting the device for transmitter Wi-Fi Direct.

Now go to the following link to download a copy of the application Feem version for your phone Android as version for your operating system Windows.


Work to install the software on computer and run it, and then work on installing the app in your phone and run it and it the necessary powers.
Make sure here that the phone and the computer connected through the same Wi-Fi network.

When you run the application on the phone you will find that explore the network and shows you the computer as special about him, you can here click on this name and choose send a file or image or photo collection, and vice versa, you can it through the computer to send it to the phone you want from the files, with possibility to chat between devices connected on the same Wi-Fi network.

When you are on Windows and want to send any file or image you will find that the choice of Feem within the list to the right of the mouse even if the program is not in running condition, you can send what you want the phone to you or to the rest of the devices at a speed not supported.


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