Way to send SMS from your PC in conjunction with the application of the new Google Messages

الرسائل القصيرة

As is the case of the application of WhatsApp and the Web Whatsapp, which a lot of users around the world, and the method of synchronization between the app and the browser on the computer.
I went out to one of the Google services with this same feature that allows user to make synchronization between the application messages are the default Messages and the computer to be able to write messages from within the browser area that we teach in this way and then send it.

When you run this service through the browser you can deal directly with a list of names and messages found on your mobile phone without using it.

Of course, it must support the messaging application on your mobile phone this feature by providing the option of concurrency Messages for the web which will scan the code which will appear on the computer screen to complete the bonding process between them.

Application Messages dedicated in the original phones of the Google which phones, Pixel and Nexus, but we know here app version that may be compatible with your mobile phone, whatever the quality of the partner that is running Android.

Other versions of application Messages available on store APK, you should visit the following link and download what utilities with your mobile phone in case you can’t download the app from Google Play Store incompatibility:

Download the app from Google Play Store

Download App site APK

When you install your investigation you will find that you have two apps for messaging, the default app and the new app.

  • Run the new application and validity to be the default application adopted as an alternative to the built-in app for.
  • When you view the messages the SMS , click on the three dots above the app and select them there is the option of Messages for the web.
  • Will the phone’s camera to scan the code and process synchronization.

Guide through the computer Wayne from the browser of the treaty you have to link to the service where the code at the following address:

Scan the code and enjoy the new.

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