Way to read messages on WhatsApp and Messenger, without the appearance of the sign Seen

And the Telegram and Viber among them

There is no doubt that there are multiple ways and varied and useful to carry with them on the feature to prevent others from knowing you read the message or not, I don’t know all the ways and Means specific to each application separately, weight enroll way there are apps to rate a substitute feature does not appear Seen or health of the Blue. Topic Razer burst other ways.

But it wasn’t there by a way or application to work on dealing with all the social media platforms and enables you to read all the messages that I receive on each application without knowing the other party that you have read the message.

But I’m here with the application of Unseen University who will present a his in apps WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Viber and you can read all the messages that you get there without notice to the sending party something.

When you get a message on WhatsApp or other, will system alerts on your mobile phone display development in terms of the upper as well as the course will be the application of our Unseen display a message alerting similar to that message, you have here the pressure on the development of your application to read the full message to her condition on the application of the president “unread” !

The app is Unseen is available for download free of charge on the Google Play Store here:
Unseen – No Last Seen

Far install it on the phone and run it, you have to choose the applications that you want to read her messages without notice to anyone, and then grant the app access to it..

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