Way to download photos and videos from Facebook

Back having a lot of long years on Facebook, no doubt that we have we shared a lot of photos and memories on social media platform months, but the organization is no longer the best way to celebrate the photos, how you download all your photos on your computer from Facebook?

Facebook allows the option to download the data uploaded, including screen and publications, as well as audio media. Wherein when a request to download images, you get a link to the zip file includes all images including images of the profile publications and even posted on Instagram. You can unzip the file, to get images in any of their regular.

Way to download your photos on the phone.

1 – open the app on your phone.

2 – Click on the three lines top right.

3 – Enter the Settings & Privacy.

4 – Enter the settings.

5 – drag until you find the download your information “Download Your Information”.

6 – Click on the option not to select all, then select the option for photos and videos.

7 – drag the bottom of the page and select the quality of Download Photos, high, medium or low.

8 – click on the Create File or Create File.

9. Wait a few minutes until you get a notice from Facebook.

10 – click on the notification to be taken to improve photos and videos.

11 – click on button to Download and enter the password to confirm the operation.

Way to download your photos on the bus

1 – Enter on the personal information page of the settings. Or there the link.

2 – Click on the option Download your information, or Download Your Information.

3 – uncheck all items and select the photos and videos only.

4 – you can also choose the quality and history of top bar.

5. Finally click on the button Create File and wait until you get a notice to download the file.

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