Way delete messages Facebook Messenger after being sent

Started messenger gets a whole new design this week, then it started showing the option to delete the message after it is sent to buy from the general users, this means that you must expect the appearance of the form of Messenger New allow delete messages in the coming days, and perhaps delayed the feature to delete messages to more of it as reported by TechCrunch that the feature is available in 4 countries only; Bolivia, Colombia, Lithuania and Poland.

The interpretation of the choice of deleted messages Messenger

Maybe you remember having the option to delete the message, but he deletes the message from your side only. The new option “Delete the message from everyone is” Can you delete any kind of messages, text or video or image or link in a conversation individual or collective, as long as it was within 10 minutes of being sent.

You’ll find the option “Delete the message from everyone” for long on the message and choose “Delete”, you’ll also find the option “Delete the message”, which replaces the option of deleting the old message and deletes the message from your side only.

When you delete a message everyone will not be able any of the parties to the conversation share will instead line tells the other party of the conversation individual or collective “you [the sender] did you delete the sent problem”.

Facebook sees that people are taking the decision to delete the sent message by mistake within one minute of sending, so you need to be 10 minutes is enough for this cases, what indicates that this period may not be expanded in the future.

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