Watts students experience adjustment for forwarding messages

Conducted application WhatsApp famous, a new amendment to counter the false news and misinformation that spread through messages, where the app of Facebook to reduce the number of future messages forwarded to 5 people only, does it work out that plan in the car on the phenomenon of doctored news?

Modify WhatsApp

In a time where news is fabricated and not genuine strongly around the world, seeking some social applications for it in her own way, reveal to the application of WhatsApp for a way of reducing the persons future forwarded messages.

Decided to WhatsApp to limit the spread of messages forwarded, by reducing the number of future such messages from 20 to 5 people, which will affect all users of this application, and who amounted to the number of their monthly last year, about 1.5 billion users.

Announced the vice-president of the Telecommunications Policy Network, Victoria grand, the amendment interesting during the conference was held in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, noting that the resolution will be implemented at the level of the world during the current year, which is also the probability of the application over 10 years, founded, note that the WhatsApp has developed a modification to the test during the month of July in India, where it was observed after a marked decline in the numbers of forwarded messages in general, which is required.

Feedback management

Followed by a media team own boss, to expedite the latest application, saying: “in the interest of WhatsApp on mode read modify messages, you test for a full 6 months, where we listened to user feedback, and then we realized the size of the differences that have occurred under this resolution”.

Refers official spokesperson of WhatsApp indicates that the last modification would reduce the number of forwarded messages in general, what leads to the concentration of users on private messaging from one person to another, then retreat opportunities for the spread of the news is fabricated and false information to the maximum extent possible.

In the end, is one of the attempts of WhatsApp which looks honest, in order to control the phenomenon of News fabricated, especially after you know the application itself by the vicious attack, after the network exposed the BBC for its role in the dissemination of messages of political propaganda for one of the presidential candidates in Brazil, during the last year.

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