WatchOS, Apple released 6.1 for the old and the new Apple Watch and macOS 10.15.1

Probably, everyone likes to be right and proudly declare publicly: “I told you so”. Isn’t it? It immediately, though briefly, raises self esteem and makes us feel at least competitors Nostradamus or Vanga. However, sometimes you have to admit their mistakes when trying to issue a new forecast on some issue. For journalists such a situation is particularly unpleasant, because it means that they are not deeply immersed in the topic, or simply do not understand the question. But even if the cause of the error was circumstances beyond their control, this is, most likely, no one will remember. Fortunately, I have this all right. At least this time.

Upgrades of operating systems Apple is not visible the end and edge

My prediction is that Apple will not delay the release of watch OS 6 Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 are more than justified. Because the company decided to skip the sixth version of the OS, immediately releasing watchOS 6.1, which now became available to owners of all models of the Apple Watch, from the first to the fifth. Update already you can download it on the watch using the companion app for iOS, which is installed on all iPhone. Just open it in the updates section confirm BY downloading a fresh version of the OS.

What’s new in 6.1 and watch OS

  • Support App Store for Apple Watch S1 and S2;
  • Application, Calculator, voice Recorder and Reminder for the Apple Watch S1 and S2;
  • Support AirPods Pro;
  • Fixing the problem of premature discharge for the Apple Watch S5.

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Also today, for download became available release build of macOS 10.15.1. This is the first full-fledged update that the desktop platform Apple has received since the release of macOS Catalina. Functional content update roughly corresponds to iOS 13.2, which was released a day earlier. It adds support for AirPods Pro, which just came out last night, the built-in tool to delete the history of calls to Siri, new emojis and support for recording protected video HomeKit, smart routers, and speakers compatible with AirPlay 2.

What has changed in macOS 10.15.1

But corrections in macOS 10.15.1 were much more than functional innovation.

  • Fixed bug preventing the display of file names in the Photos app;
  • Fixed bug that prevents file filtering in the Photos app;
  • Fixed an issue where Messages were sent only one notice, even if included snooze function;
  • Crash due to which when you run the application “Contacts” opened card last viewed subscriber;
  • Fixed problem which did not work the swipe gesture to go back to Apple News;
  • Fixed a bug that prevented stable to transfer data from iTunes to the Music app, the Podcasts and Apple TV;
  • Fixed a bug which didn’t display the names of downloaded movies in Apple TV.

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Given that Apple usually confines itself to mentioning only the key changes are likely to macOS 10.15.1 fixes much more bugs than stated in the description of the update. Therefore, if the system is already proposed to be updated, we strongly recommend you ignore the update – it can be very helpful.

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