watchOS 6: How to record voice memos on the Apple Watch

Apple to bring the application of Voice Memos of the commissioner of iOS وmacOS to hours of Apple with the operating system watchOS 6. Follow us to learn how to take advantage of this new feature on the Apple Watch.

Now become easy to record voice memos after the arrival of the app from the iPhone, iPad and Mac to the Apple Watch the Apple Watch with the new system. The app features a simple interface and make recordings with a single click quick and easy to start.

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Will sync Voice Memos recorded from the Apple Watch with the iPhone, iPad and mac and you can run it directly on your watch.

Note: watchOS 6 currently only available as a demo version for developers, and will be available to return in the fall.

watchOS 6: How to record voice memos on the Apple Watch

  1. Ask Siri to open “Voice Memos” or open the app from the Home screen
  2. Press the record button the Big Red start recording
  3. Press the stop button red finish shopping
  4. Will The Voice Memo is saved in the top of your list

Use the recordings when you call the Watch display.

Here are screen shots of how to record voice memos through the Voice Memos in watchOS 6:

المذكرات الصوتية على ساعة آبل

After you create the recording, you can click it to review and amend the benefits as described below.

المذكرات الصوتية على ساعة آبل

In the screen shot provided above, lets you click on the icon “…” in the bottom right corner to delete your registration.

From the screen of “Voice Memos” Key where you see all your recordings, you can press hard to switch between show recordings of the Apple Watch and voice memos from all of your devices synced with your iCloud account to create.

المذكرات الصوتية على ساعة آبل

There is another way to delete the recordings by dragging them from the screen of “Voice Memos” key.

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