watchOS 6: How to delete native apps on the Apple Watch

Allows the operating system watchOS users to delete the apps and Apple Watch Apple Watch, but only a third party app, either with the operating system watchOS 6 new has changed it, so that users can delete native apps built directly from the Apple Watch.

Will not allow new posts to the users to delete all the previous implementations included, but will remove apps as basic as Breathe وStopwatch world Clock وTimer وAlarms وWalkie-Talkie radio and more .

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Keep in mind that watchOS 6 currently only available as a trial version for developers, and will be available to the public in the fall.

Note: there is no option to re-install those apps in the demo version of the current system watchOS 6 Once you delete it. We must, however, comes in the beta later or in the public release this fall.

watchOS 6: How to delete native apps on the Apple Watch

  1. Directed to the main screen for Apple TV
  2. Click long on an app till you see her shaking
  3. Choose a native app which you want to delete by clicking on the reference “x”
  4. Confirmed you want to delete the app

Here’s how it looks these steps:

watchOS 6 حذف التطبيقات على ساعة آبل

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