Watch the Apple presentation on March 25!

Several times a year we gather to live to watch this exciting event as the presentation of the Apple. And then came this time, because today, March 25, Tim cook and his colleagues will take the stage to show us some interesting new products (and that’s not counting the new iPad 2 AirPods). And we traditionally invite you to join our online broadcastto watch this fascinating spectacle.

All the fun will happen on the page live.appleinsider.ruthat will run a text stream with photos and the latest news from the theatre of Steve jobs in Cupertinoand video from the audience. By the way, in 8 p.m. Moscow main page of our site will be automatically redirected to the page of the broadcast, so getting lost will be impossible. Leading the broadcast will start working for you already from 19:00.

But if for some reason you do not have the ability or desire to use this stream, we have for you another option — a special channel in the Telegramin which it will be possible in real time to follow today’s presentation. Hurry to subscribe and enjoy the latest news and live broadcasts!

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It’s unclear what exactly Apple is going to present at the upcoming event, but there is no doubt that this event will be remembered for a long time, as all of the presentation of the “Apple” of the company. It is not excluded the appearance of the company’s video service, magazine subscription, and even credit cards from Apple.

Also according to tradition you will live to listen to a special edition of our podcast, where the hosts will discuss the innovations presented. Hope you will spend this spring evening with us!

So, see you today, 25 March at 19:00 Moscow time on!

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