Watch phone RED Hydrogen One Subject Tests scratching and tuck

RED Hydrogen One

It’s time for channel JerryRigEverything on YouTube to subjugate another phone testing durability. The phone that came his role this time is the RED Hydrogen One, which is a phone announced by the company RED are officially in the last year, but not released until now.

As usual always, in the first Test was to subject the phone RED Hydrogen One test scratched the screen using the tools of Mohs. Given that the phone is RED Hydrogen One comes with layer of Gorilla Glass 5 glass, it is not surprising to see that serving on Level 6 of the scale of Mohs, which is good, because it means that the screen of this phone will not get scratched in the case if with coins and keys in the pocket of the user.

Phone RED Hydrogen One comes similar to some of the smart phones available in the market today with an interface the background is made from aluminum, the same thing applies to the frame of the machine which makes it easy to scratch. The buttons on the side are the turn easy scratching, but it does not relate to easily.

After that, is subjected to the phone screen RED Hydrogen One, the test of war, and so it took the screen about 10 seconds to turn the pixels to black. But fortunately, these pixels quickly return to their original color after a period of being the screen of the LCD type and not AMOLED. Finally, the subject phone RED Hydrogen One to test the crease. Regardless of the direction of bending, the screen does not go out of its place. When it comes to the framework of metal, it does bend, just like most smart phones that have been tested so far.

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