Watch Phone Galaxy Note 9 is subject to various tests of torture


As we have mentioned to you earlier, it began Samsung actually shipped the phone Galaxy Note 9 for customers who have phone dials in advance. As usual always with both a new flagship phone up to the market, it’s time for the phone Galaxy Note 9 to the project in turn, tests scratching and bending that takes place by the channel JerryRigEverything for the new smartphones.

In the case if you can’t watch the video above for some reason, here’s here’s a short summary. Phone Galaxy Note 9 comes with a screen resistant to scratches in a reasonable range, it is impossible to bend the phone when it is normal levels of power.

Lead test burning the screen to shift the pixels to the Color White after about 15 seconds, but recovering quickly, unlike the phone screen Galaxy Note 8, which damaged permanently. When it comes to sensor fingerprint, it is subject to scratching, but it still works even after you know it. Given that the framework of the phone is made of metal, it means that he is subject to scratching.

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