Watch out … these applications are “serious” destroy your phone’s battery

Experts warned technology the users of smart phones operating system “Android” from the application of the deceptive present on the Google App Store, targeting the card of phones.

The experts stated in the company “Sophos” security of information on a list of 22 application of the “dangerous”, has been downloaded over 22 million times on the phones “Android”.

Experts said “this app drain the battery significantly, as it is constantly working invisibly in the phone, and ads”.

Included apps “and the message” the following names: Sparkle FlashLight – Snake Attack – PairZap – Math Solver – Animal Match – ShapeSorter – Tak A Trip – Magnifeye – HexaFall – Roulette Mania – Color Tiles – Join Up – HexaBlocks – Zombie Killer – Space Rocket – Neon Pong – Just Flashlight – Table Soccer – Cliff Diver – Box Stack – Jelly Slice – AK Blackjack.

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