Watch out … that ways you can breakthrough your electronic devices

With the development of technology it has become easy to penetrate the electronic devices, such as computers, mobile phones and confidential information in more than one way of making the needed attention, especially if not insured programmes to protect the powerful, also if you have other devices such as refrigerators and Smart TVs modern, you have to be careful it is contained be used by hackers to spy on you after penetration.. here are ways that may allow hacking of your devices:

1 – networks Wi-Fi free

Most devices in our hands today, with the possibility of wireless connection to the internet, which requires a lot of especially if the outside of your home, so be cautious when connecting to any wireless Internet open, whether in restaurants or airports or commercial centers, is not password protected, because hackers these networks, to access the devices connected to it and then penetrate it, also you must pay attention to the messages of warning and notifications, which show her phone or laptop, and not ignored.

2. the old operating systems

It is necessary to update operating systems, whether computer or smart phones, as the companies developed these systems, and updates to protect users from attempts by hackers to infiltrate their servers, and in particular that the hackers are targeting users who don’t care about it.

3. application of non – trusted sources

Be cautious when downloading apps on computers or mobile, as is the exploitation of applications and sometimes to penetrate the devices, and steal data stored on them, so you must download them from reliable sources like Google Play store your Android and iTunes devices Apple.

4 – text messages

Is necessary to pay attention when you open the text messages sent to your mobile phone, especially if it was anonymous and on a novel, as it can penetrate your device easily, and get your information like passwords etc.

5 – organs of the Network TAP

Used institutions, banks, these simple devices, to confirm the validity of existing information, for example if a record of health care has been entered correctly in accordance with the regulations or not, despite the importance of this device unless it can be used by hackers, to get the same information exactly.

6 – electronic devices and personal

Is possible to cause the personal computer to be attended by the staff to penetrate the rest of the hardware, if there wasn’t a powerful system of protection to the network, checks devices before allowing it to connect to the internal network.

7 – Security Systems related to Internet Protocol

Use these systems to communicate with hardware devices, such as smart refrigerators wireless manner, and can pose a serious security threat, when it is hacked one of these devices, such as surveillance cameras and portals using the login Virtual Private Bank, and about after In addition to the possibility of penetration of phones, printers, related.

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