Watch iPad Pro 2018 New subject tests scratching and tuck

iPad Pro 2018

The company Apple recently launched the iPad Pro 2018 in two versions, one the size of 12.9 inch and the other size 11 inch. Having said that, has decided to alter the famous Zack Nelson, the owner of the channel JerryRigEverything subdue the smaller version of this tablet for a range of tests of the cross.

It’s unusual to say Zack Nelson subjecting the tablets to these tests, but the results were interesting nonetheless. Cost your iPad Pro 2018 towards the cost of the phone iPhone XR, so the tablet is the latest from Apple is not cheap at all.

However, it seems that the company spent all its focus on making a tablet thin as possible and to strengthen the rigidity of the structure also. While the coverage of the tablet screen with a layer of glass, but it is very thin. When it comes to the test crease, you probably won’t be able to stuffing this tablet large size in his pants pocket, but might sit on it accidentally while on the couch or something like that.

In this case, the result may be very bad because the tests showed that the iPad Pro 2018 are subject to bending easily, the same thing applies to the digital pen Apple Pencil also, which is subject to bending easily in the middle. So, the conclusion of the basic here is that if you decide to purchase iPad Pro 2018 and the Apple Pencil compatible with him, make sure you deal with them gently and with great care.

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