Watch before buying a watch, Apple’s fourth-generation

The dawn of the last Thursday Apple sent updates for systems running on top of iOS 12.1.1. The system updates the previous watchOS 5.1.2 which came with the perpetrators of the millions which application of the ECG to activate the measurement of the electrical impulses as part of the fourth year. But unfortunately there was bad news for the former museums and collections around the world which is about “measuring the electrical impulses of the ECG”.

انتبه قبل شراء ساعة أبل الجيل الرابع

Of course the Apple Watch the new generation includes a lot of advantages but the possibility of measuring the electrical impulses of the ECG is the primary feature. After Apple disclosed about the Watch said that this feature will work only in “America” for them to adopt the medical (because the badge in this case is a medical device) and the drive to make it available in more states.

But unfortunately and for some unknown reason Apple decided to officially prevent a person owns the Apple Watch around the world from the activation of the water already existing in the gear h it and make it exclusive to the user us who bought the H from the US App Store.

To clarify what happened all hours of the fourth generation comes equipped to support the water accordingly any person making Zone settings to “America” the work; but Apple decided to more cruelty as to make the activation of the water linked to The Flash version of the “model” for the hour and to whom is not known for offering two versions of the “model number” of the same hour there is a customized version for North America and Europe, Asia, China and “rest of World”.

What happens now that if you bought your watch from any country other than America won’t work water you have in any way, even if moved to life in America the same will not work the water. The only solution to the water you have to buy the hour “model American” and it won’t work water you have. This is a list of Number American versions of the previous:

◉ Model A1975 which is about the sixth the size of a 40mm version of the network and GPS as well as the version of “Hermes” and Nike Plus.

◉ Model A1976 it belonged to the previous size of the 44mm version network and GPS as well as the version of “Hermes” and Nike Plus.

◉ Model A1977 it belonged to the previous size of the 40mm version only GPS.

◉ Model A1978 it belonged to the previous size of the 44mm version only GPS.

Of course, making Apple’s non-concept of the first mode natural; for shop for The they are attached to a medical building you must take a medical approvals in the states to live; so makes sense to stop her around the world and do it in America; but also leave the door open for the user the world the test claims that, in America, come to the water with them is this achieved responsible for his decision; but to decide the Apple to prevent it from activating the feature in the device, but at the same time will make him pay the price, it’s a non-concept; Either give me water or hide me the price, or believe the device is not guaranteed gear gas activated and provide us with our money.

Are you considering the acquisition of an hour of Apple’s fourth-generation in order to measure ECG? And what do you think of the Apple the alien turn it off globally? Share your opinion in the comments.


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