Warning – earphone Apple AirPods might be used to in this way!

System iOS 12 came benefits are many, but some did not attract much attention, such as feature-listen direct Live Listen which works with Apple headphones wireless Apple AirPods, this feature might offend other used for the purposes of spying on other people’s conversations even though they exist to serve the noble goals!

تحذير - سماعة آبل AirPods قد تستخدم للتجسس بهذه الطريقة!

Warning – earphone Apple AirPods might be used to in this way!

What is the advantage of listening direct Live Listen to?!

Feature Listen Live Live Listen is a feature included by Apple in system settings iOS 12. It is mainly dedicated for the hearing impaired can use the iPhone or iPod touch or iPad microphone to transmit sound to headphones AirPods (or hearing aids, for the iPhone) with the aim of assisting the hearing impaired to hear the conversations in the noise or hear the person speaking in the room.

Did you know the secret?!

You might now have figured found how you can abuse the use of that property. It’s simple, the person to activate this feature and your phone iPhone or iPad in the room and then leave and listen to the talks of the circle through the headphones AirPods!

To activate this feature, you’ll Hab to “Settings” > “General General” > “Accessibility for special needs Accessibility” > “Hearing Aids made for iPhone” or MFi Hearing Devices > then select the Apple headphones in the “hardware Devices” then click on “start listening” or Start Live Listen. To disable the feature, press the “quit listening” End Live Listen.

خاصية الاستماع المباشر (اللغة العربية)

Property listen live (Arabic)

خاصية الاستماع المباشر (الواجهة الإنجليزية)

Property listen live (English)

We mentioned it for several reasons: there may be someone had problems with poison really needs that property, as well as to take necessary precautions, and get out our responsibility to the full of its misuse for the purpose of spying on others, it is religiously and morally unacceptable.

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