War propaganda – are the staff of Apple are stupid as claimed by Samsung?

Recently Samsung has launched a series of advertising that makes fun of Apple and its employees the employees of its stores around the world. The ads were a sharp criticism of the shortcomings in the iPhone and the generosity of the tart of the staff of the Apple stores that meet the advertising campaign look stupid. Does the staff of the Apple TV are really stupid, as claimed by Samsung?!

الحرب الدعائية: هل موظفو آبل أغبياء كما تدعي سامسونج؟

The propaganda war: did the staff of Apple as stupid as claiming Samsung?

Absolutely companies tend to exaggerate in their publicity-oriented audience and to show the positive aspects, as well as the exaggeration in the criticism of competitor’s products and to focus on the negative aspects of the evaluation. (Article linked: the propaganda of the Witch from Samsung)

We will not discuss in this article the serious criticisms made by Samsung for the iPhone in that propaganda campaign, but we’ll discuss the idea of sarcasm from the staff of the Apple like the sense of low intelligence and do not have any experience to help the public.

One of the ads presented by Samsung:

Criteria for selection of staff in the Apple TV

According to some employees at Apple who have to track their views in relation to the recruitment standards and get work in Apple stores, the Apple has its high standards in recruitment generally, not only on the level of technical, but also on the level of personality traits and the ability to communicate and gain skills.

Requires work in Apple stores older not less than 18 years, and fluency of language to speak the language of the inhabitants of the region available in the App Store, and the work requires a high degree of technical skills as required ability to learn fast and allow the employee access to the appropriate degree of qualification to work in his position.

Also does not require work in the Apple Store educational qualifications, but the Apple sometimes employ some of the university students in case they qualify for the job, and also according to their possibilities and functions available in the App Store.

Focus on soft skills more!

Soft skills, unlike technical skills and depend on things such as the ability to communicate and good dialogue with the customer and interact with them positively, in addition to other attributes of personality such as being superior and nice smiley staff and tactful.

Employees of Apple aren’t stupid.

You don’t have the Apple TV only a few museums in the Arab states, all located in the United Arab Emirates. So you probably will not deal directly with the staff of the Apple Store only if you had the chance to travel and tourism, but in any case you can’t tell Apple to employ workers below the level in the store by special and company technical first in the world in the number of staff in stores, which number over 60 thousand employees. (Article linked: do you see more Apple stores in the Arab world soon?)

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