“Want to lane” opens second Service Center for Apple products in Egypt.. and wait more

Announced chain stores “Tradeline” Trade Line, the main site for Apple products the Apple inside Egypt, for the opening of the second Accredited Center for maintenance of Apple products in Egypt, is located inside the City Stars mall in nasr city.

Said Ihab Medhat president of marketing and sales at the “want to lane”, that the maintenance center is located on the east side of the province of the next least with the main difference with the West and specifically in Sheikh Zayed Road, ensuring geographical coverage, integrated for our clients within the capital.

In a press statement, he added: “We are heavily invested within the maintenance centers, in coordination with the the Apple company world, to ensure the provision of services of technical support and maintenance efficiently balance the aspirations of users of Apple devices within Egypt.”

For his part, said Ayman Medhat head of the sector of maintenance and technical support company “you want the line”, that the center of the new maintenance is designed in accordance with the standards required by Apple, and currently more than 40 engineers and specialists to provide technical support to our customers in Egypt, we will double this number during the next period.

He noted that the Centers of maintenance of the “want to Lane” feature to provide maximum comfort for the customers, not only the customers you want online but are all Apple customers within Egypt, where we offer maintenance service software and the phone hardware, the next presentation “to replace out of warranty” which allows the customer to replace your old device to another device New even if it is outside the warranty period, or problems due to misuse.

Can take advantage of the technical support services over phone, through a short number 19857 at the “want to Lane”.

In the same context, the company revealed a “Tradeline” for the expansion plan of its launch of its stores to the New various parts of the Republic, where the company announced the opening of her new store in Zamalek, which is of vital areas and inside the base, next to the opening of a new store area of Sidi Abdel Rahman North Coast, a group who helps in the service of vacationers during the summer months, and saw that the branches offer discounts and promotions featured on the occasion of the opening.

It is expected that the company opens a store inside the “My City”, which will create a wide range of the inhabitants of the east areas, spaciousness, next to the near completion of the special equipment at the new location at San Stefano in Alexandria, to be the fourth stores you want online as “the bride of the Mediterranean”.

The opening of those stores within the company’s plan to cover different parts of the Republic, where there are many stores “you want to line” in Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said and Mansoura and the north coast, bringing the total branches by the end of 2018 to 20 stores.

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