Walmart is planning to launch tablets Cheap under its own brand ONN

A report for Bloomberg on-line sales company US retail Walmart to launch tablets under its own brand for electronic devices and ONN, where the news was confirmed by a spokesperson for Walmart, and according to the information that the manufacture of the tablets was done by one of the Chinese suppliers cooperating with Walmart will be running Android.

It is expected that the Enjoy tablet Walmart price in the market or can be considered cheap compared to the iPad Pro while it will be higher than the price of devices Amazon tablet Fire HD 8 ÙˆFire HD 10 that rate 80 and $ 150, respectively; however, specifications will play here a fundamental role knowing that Walmart intends to target a younger age by the production tablet, this according to the source.

In the not covered by the site report any leaks about the hardware specifications or price of the official accompanying him also that the launch date has not been determined yet; but it is soon according to get the company on the permit of the federal service for communications to one of its devices tablet recently to stay on Walmart to prove itself in this market, quality, efficiency and price.

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